Hi @Slash, I appreciate all your work very much, I have a trouble, I think that just you can help me, I'm using:

Social Bridge 3.04p5
Social Connect 3.05p3

I take a look on website http://phpfox3.demo.younetco.com/, they use the same version (which I think is the last for v3) but in their website is working.

I took a deeper look in the code, and i change this code in :

and i change this:

$fbScope =...
  Февраль 26, 2018 4:43 pm:
Hi, Puma!
I'm new to English, but I'll try to help you.
I ask, for the decision of a problem to create a theme on a forum: https://danfa.net/phpfox/forum/, it is more convenient to work there.

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